Monday, March 24, 2014

Blogging is SCARY

I had no idea what goes into maintaining a blog. Granted, right now my goal is simply to provide information, resources, etc. to my colleagues (not get famous or make money) and a blog seemed an easier venue than a newsletter, but wow. As I explore Blogger and read, well, blogs ABOUT blogging, I get intimidated. So many things to consider.

On top of that, I'm also trying to delve further into social media as a way of getting professional development... which puts one more thing on my daily to-do list, but can also be helpful in this blogging thing. Just checked Twitter for the first time in a week (goodbye, spring break) and saw this linked by another local ed tech colleague (thanks @sueandrewstech):

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]
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Definitely a resource I will revisit and encourage my coworkers to visit when they venture into blogging some day. Here is the blog post in which the infographic was originally published; it's full of links to help with the 11 ingredients.

Scrolling through my Twitter feed a little more, I stumbled on a post from one of my favorite ed tech bloggers, Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne). I've been following his Free Technology for Teachers blog for a few years now (I was still teaching English when I discovered it) and have used and shared many of his posts. This caught my eye:

I know that people make a living by blogging, but the idea is actually exhausting to me.  So I thought this blog post could give me a little perspective. And yes, it did. But what I really learned by clicking Richard's link and reading the post was that he maintains TWO blogs. WHAT?! A blog about ed tech and a blog about... BLOGGING. He really might be my new guru.  

UPDATE (3/27/14) - I had initially figured out how to embed the infographic into this blog post thanks to the instructions on its source.  Now I'm excited because I just figured out that I could embed a Tweet into a blog post.  No more opening Snipping Tool, applying Snipping Tool, saving picture, inserting picture, etc.  Just a little HTML code to plug in! 

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