Monday, March 10, 2014

Professional Development, Spring Break Style: from your COUCH

If you...
  • don't have big plans for spring break
  • still need to get in some webinar/video professional development in this semester
  • want to explore some ideas in technology
... take a look at some of the following webinar possibilities.  Some are archived from past sessions, while some are on-demand options.  All are FREE.

From EdTechTeacher:

Below are just a few that seemed interesting/relevant - click above to see the entire list of the archives.
  • WHY Innovate? (1 hr) Winter 2014 - This session focuses on moving forward in our ways of thinking, with emphasis on the way we design our learning spaces.  
  • Creating a Connected Classroom (1 hr 4 min) Oct 2013 - From the Connected Educator Month series, four experts discuss what a connected classroom is, ways to connect students, teachers, etc. to others for learning, and obstacles to connecting.
  • Digital Citizenship in Connected Classrooms (1 hr 2 min) Oct 2013 - From the Connected Educator Month series, experts expound on digital citizenship and how to teach it, encourage it, etc.
  • How Great Teachers Reinvent Their Classrooms (56 min) Aug 2013 - A session exploring what it looks like when teachers use mobile technologies to reinvent their classroom practices

From EducationWeek:

The sessions below are two that seemed specifically relevant to recent conversations at CJ.  More "on-demand" webinars are available at the link above.  All require registration (providing name, email address, etc.) but are free to view. 
  • Time for a Change: A Proven Solution for Blended Project-Based Learning (1 hr) Feb 2014 - "Michael Golden, education strategist and CEO of Educurious, discusses how school leaders can create profound impacts on student learning and teacher development using blended project-based learning, technology, professional development, and connections with real-world experts."
  • Reaching Every Student in Every Class Every Day: The Flipped Classroom (1 hr) Jan 2014 - "Join flipped classroom pioneer Jon Bergmann as he walks through his transformation from a 20-year lecturer to a flipped-class pioneer. Bergmann will demonstrate how blended learning can transform today's educational climate, increase student learning outcomes, and the key considerations for administrators who want to begin implementing flipped learning in their schools."

From METC:

Watch any of the virtual sessions from the Midwest Education Technology Conference last month:

Kevin Honeycutt
April Burton
Josh Stumpenhorst
Kyle Schutt
Lodge McCammon
Howie DiBlasi
Lodge McCammon
Tiffany Whitehead
Robert Deneau, Greg Lawrence, Bill Bass, Cindy Lane, Drew McAllister, Keri Skeeters, Michael McCann, Robert Dillon
Kevin Honeycutt
Robert Dillon
Howie DiBlasi

Watch one of these? Find it interesting? Leave a comment below!

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