Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome to The Charging Spot!

Say goodbye to the CJ Ed Tech Update that has appeared in your inbox over the last six months. Say hello to The Charging Spot, our new ed tech blog here at Cor Jesu.  

Why a blog? 
  • Faster way to share ideas, resources, stories, etc.
  • Flexible - can share one short anecdote or write an entire post devoted to a topic
  • Set up the design once and it's good to go - no tricky formatting for each story
  • Searchable - it becomes an archive of resources
  • Trying something new!
I'll still send emails every once in a while, but you can also choose to subscribe to this blog via various methods (more to come later).

If you have tech success stories or resources to share, or would like a topic covered in the blog, let me know!

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