Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thanks, Kathy Schrock! I want to use PowToon now!

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been blowing up my personal Facebook newsfeed. I've seen quite a few fun videos, including ones from coworkers. I've escaped being called out... so far.

Scrolling through my Twitter feed (@mfankopedia) tonight, I came across the following tweet:

Watch her video. It's awesome. I love the hand sliding things in and out of the frame.

I had never seen PowToon before. Excited to show it to teachers and make my own PowToons. Just logged in using my Google+ account, which makes it easy (you can also use LinkedIn or Facebook, or create a separate log on). Once in, I can choose from ready-made PowToons or start from scratch; dynamic presentations (slides?) are coming soon. Excited for the beginning of the school year chaos to calm down so I can explore.

For now I await what I assume to be the inevitable ALS ice bucket challenge...

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