Composing in Blogger

The Blogger composing page is pretty user-friendly. This page is primarily going to give you a tour of the components.

Post Title: 
What is the topic of your post? Make it interesting, catchy, and relevant. This will appear at the top of the page and be part of the URL for the post. Type it into the box provided at the top of the page

The Toolbar: 
Breaking this down into sections...
  • Composition - You will do the majority of your composing with "Compose" selected. If you need to embed a picture/video/chart, you will click "HTML". To the right of these options is "Undo" and "Redo" buttons (arrows).
  • Font Options - Change your font (within a limited list), size, and format. Make your text bolditalicizedunderlined, or apply strikethrough. Change the text color or text background color.
  • Insert Items - Highlight text and make it a hyperlink to a website or email address, insert a picture from any of many locations, insert a video, or insert a line break as shown between the "Post Title" section and "The Toolbar" section of this page.
  • Formatting - Change the justification of your text, insert a numbered or bulleted list, make a quote stand out from the rest of the text, or remove all text formatting. The last option is helpful when you have copied and pasted text and want to change the formatting to the standard for your blog.
  • Spellcheck - This one is pretty self-explanatory. 

Saving Options:
To PUBLISH is to put your post on your blog for the world to see. SAVE will simply save a draft without leaving the page. PREVIEW will open a new window/tab showing what you have composed as it will appear on your blog (great for proofreading). CLOSE will take you back to your list of blog posts.

Post Settings:

  • Labels: Apply tags to your post. Choose keywords featured in the post and add them to this list. These can help readers search your blog, among other things.
  • Schedule: The default setting is to publish automatically as soon as you click "Publish". However, you can set a specific date and time to publish your post. This allows a blogger to compose multiple posts in one sitting, but space out their publication without revisiting them.
  • Permalink: Clicking here will let you view and customize the URL that links directly to this blog post. 
  • Location: Want to let everyone know your blogging location? You can add it here.
  • Options: Choose whether or not you want to allow reader comments, how to show HTML when composing, and how to display line breaks.
...And obviously the large white space in the middle of the screen is your composition space.

Get started writing!

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